University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Research Labs

Computer Networks Research Group

Our research spans a broad range of topics in networking, including network protocols and architecture, modeling and analysis, sensor networks, wireless networks, and network measurement.

Database and Information Management Lab

The Database and Information Management Lab focuses on building systems for efficiently and securely managing data.

Digital Forensics Laboratory

Our core mission is to develop and apply novel research and technology in forensics and privacy to address the interests of society, law, and government.

Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

KDL investigates how to find useful patterns in large and complex databases.

Network Systems Laboratory

We approach problems such as future network architecture, router systems, and embedded systems and network security from a theoretical as well as practical angle, placing emphasis on the implementation of prototype systems for validation and to obtain quantitative performance data.

PLASMA Research Group

We are working on a variety of exciting topics that span programming languages, software engineering, and systems.

The Secure, Private Internet (SPIN) Research Group

Our goal is to make Internet communications secure and private.

Virtual Center for Supernetworks

The Virtual Center for Supernetworks fosters the study and application of supernetworks and serves as a resource on networks ranging from transportation and logistics, including supply chains, and the Internet, to a spectrum of economic networks.

VLSI Circuits And Systems Group

Motivating applications for our work include signal processing, embedded security, wireless communications, graphics and enterprise computing.