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Arjun Guha

Assistant Professor
College of Information & Computer Sciences
UMass Amherst
Programming languages with an emphasis on security, programmability, and mechanized proof


long bio: 

Professor Guha's research spans programming languages and security. He enjoys tackling real-world problems, while adhering to the mathematical foundations of programming languages. For example, his dissertation on JavaScript semantics and type-checking is used by several other researchers as a foundation for their own work. During his postdoc, he developed a mathematical model of software-defined networking (SDN) and used it to build machine-verified controllers and other tools for SDN. His research has led to several software systems, such as LambdaJS, Frenetic, and Flapjax that are in active use. Ph.D., Computer Science, Brown University (2012), Sc.M., Computer Science, Brown University, (2008), A.B., Computer Science, Grinnell College (2006). Arjun spent 2012 -- 2013 as a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University. In Fall 2013, he joined the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as an Assistant Professor.