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Cybersecurity Lecture Series

We run a series of talks focused on security. In 2015, the talks were strictly from UMass Amherst faculty. In 2016, the series was also comprised on speakers from industrial and academic research laboratories. The series will continue in Spring 2018.

  • 9/14/16 Wayne Burleson: Hardware Security in Advanced Microelectronics
  • 9/21/16 Peter Chin and Felipe Vilas-Boas (Draper Labs): DeepCode
  • 9/28/16 David Kotz (Dartmouth College): Security and Privacy: Mobile Medical Applications
  • 10/5/16 Brian Levine: How secure is Bitcoin (in dollars)?
  • 10/12/16 Dan Walters (MITRE): Side Channels and Fault Injection
  • 10/19/16 Ramesh Karri (NYU): Belling the CAD: Electronic System Level Design for Security and Trust
  • 11/2/16 Hamed Okhravi (MIT Lincoln Labs): The Quest for Memory Safety
  • 11/9/16 Curtis Putney (Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC): Migrating from GPA Scale to GS Scale
  • 11/30/16Paula Donovan (Assistant Group Leader, Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory): Quantitative Evaluation of Moving Target Technology
  • 12/7/16 Phillipa Gill (UMass): Understanding Politically Motivated Adversaries: Targeted Threats and Censorship Product Fingerprinting


  • 9/9/15 Wayne Burleson: RFID Privacy: from Transportation Payment Systems to Implantable Medical Devices
  • 9/16/15 Emery Berger: Barbarians At The Gates: Securing the Runtime Against Attack
  • 9/23/15 Russ Tessier: Hardware-Assisted Code Obfuscation for FPGA Soft Microprocessors
  • 9/30/15 Arjun Guha: Language-Based Web Security
  • 10/7/15 Amir Houmansadr: Censorship Resistant Networking
  • 10/14/15 Dennis Goeckel: Fundamental Limits of Covert Communications
  • 10/21/15 Gerome Miklau: Analyzing Private Data: Challenges and Recent Approaches
  • 10/28/15 Brian Levine: Digital Forensics and Crimes Against Children
  • 11/4/15 Israel Koren: Fault injection attacks on cryptographic devices and countermeasures
  • 11/18/15 Christof Paar: Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Hardware Security
  • 11/25/15 Tilman Wolf: Attacks and Hardware Defenses for Network Infrastructure
  • 12/2/15 Anna Nagurney: Game Theory and Cybercrime
  • 12/9/15 Dan Holcomb: Reverse Engineering of Obfuscated Hardware