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CICS 597C: Introduction to Computer Security

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This course provides an introduction to the principles and practice of computer and network security with a focus on both fundamentals and practical information. Topics include ethics, primary definitions, applied cryptography, networking (e.g., firewalls, wireless security, routing security), operating system hardening, malware and other attacks, and incident handling. The course will also cover security topics trending in current events and recent research.

This course involves discussions of computing concepts and computer configuration. Students are presumed to have already experience operating computers and a basic familiarity with computing concepts. While there is no specific, hard prerequisite for the course, we offer as examples that students who have take a course equivalent to COMPSCI 190D or COMPSCI/INFO 290NW would be well prepared.

Part of the Infosec program


Online only or UMass Center in Springfield (students pick)